Drive anywhere in the community and you’re bound to see signs…everywhere. Believe it or not, I’ve been asked “where’s yours?” and figured I better address that before people get too confused.

I’m on the ballot again in November and am unopposed. This humbles me and also allows me time to direct more of my attention to my family, my paying job, and Gamecock football 😉

If you’re not sure who you get to vote for; you’re not alone. Many get confused because signs pop up all over the place and many times are not in the area where voters live and can vote for that candidate. Why you may ask? Because campaigns are often about “name I.D.” If there is a busy intersection, thoroughfare or highway within a mile of the boundaries; candidates will place signs there in hopes that commuter traffic may be actual voters that can vote for them on election day.

(Note: not to add to the confusion but the photo above is NOT from our community. If I had done that someone would have tried to read into it one way or another about whom I may be supporting. Been there, done that. I don’t endorse locally but I do endorse statewide and nationally if I feel strongly enough about a candidate. Why is this my policy? I feel our community has ample opportunity to meet the local candidates….mayors, county councils, city council, school board. When it comes to statewide and national races, our community doesn’t get to see or visit with those candidates as much. It’s those times when I’ll share my opinion.)

For those new to the area, a brief look at my service can be found on the Meet Nathan page. Most recently, I’ve learned that I again received very high ratings from the Palmetto Family Alliance , the NRA, , the SC Chamber of Commerce , and am “Green Approved” again by the Conservation Voters of South Carolina .

One group that watches tax payers dollars very closely, SC Club for Growth, has not issued their 2010 scorecards but their earlier ones have me always near the top. I hope to keep my consecutive streak of “Friend of the Taxpayer” going but after my vote on the cigarette tax , I’m thinking that streak may stop at 6 for 6.

There are other individuals and groups who have endorsed me but I’m not sure if endorsements really matter as much to voters.

What I think matters most are the issues, the service/responsiveness an official or candidate provides, and the accessibility and willingness to stay involved in the community. As my consultant always said “elected officials who stay in touch year round – and not just at election time – have a much better chance of doing the job they were sent to do.”

I hope I’ve earned your support again this November. I never take it for granted….but I do try to stretch a dollar and not put up signs when others need the space for their races.

Thank you for the privilege you gave me in 2005 and the continued support and advice you give me every day!