I often get asked by folks “Nathan, why is Rod Shealy your guy?” As if Rod is someone I shouldn’t associate with.

The question comes mainly from those that have been in campaign races against him. I get it. Sure, the guy can get dirty with the best of them but the guy is really a good guy at heart.

Years ago, I was fortunate to run across him and asked for his assistance. You can imagine when I ran against a 16-year incumbent who happened to the current House Majority Leader, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, would touch my race. Sure, several folks were rooting for us for various reasons but Rod Shealy was the only consultant who would help.

Those that know me know that I can be loyal to a fault. And with Rod, that may be the case. He’s stood beside me and I stand beside him.

Yes, he’s the “bad boy” of state politics but he was there for me when no one else would be. He was there…cutting yard-sign metal, in the heat of summer, with an electric saw…sparks flying. I have several memories of my first race but that is one that stands out. The guy cares and if he’s your guy, he’ll do everything he can for you.

Sure I was leery of “negative tactics” and, as I’ve said earlier, SC political consultants can make an Eagle Scout look like a crack-addict ; but Rod stayed in-the-lines. When he called me early one morning to tell me he had a mail-piece ready to go out (with about 14 points of “interest” about my opponent), I cut it back to four that kept things in-bounds. Rod stayed true to his word that I would have final say over the mail pieces. The next day, that mail-piece went out with my consent…with none of the usual political crap that races often throw out.

Is he perfect? No. Are any of us? No.

Has he done some things he might regret? Maybe. Haven’t we all?

I share all this to pass along a piece he wrote last week that you can read on his blog, Doing the First. In it, you can find the side of the guy that I know. That many others know as well, but not as many that should.

He’d probably shoot me for sharing this because it might “tarnish” his “bad-boy” image but I wanted everyone to see the other-side to arguably one of the sharpest minds in SC politics.

From his blog last week:

In my prayers, incidentally, I always address that exact point: I simply ask Jesus to use me as is His will. If that means going to Heaven sooner rather than later, then that’s what I’m ready for. After all, it’s not this life that really counts… it’s the next one. I believe. I am saved. And I am ready.

I know it’s tough to “love your enemy” but if you’re taking time to read this, I’d ask you to say a prayer for Rod …and others facing challenges we never hope to tackle.

I’ve never seen the guy in a bad mood and never seem him complain. Two years ago he shared what he’s going through on his blog. To read more, click here . To hear him in his own words and learn more about the guy behind the persona, watch the following videos: One and Two .