Campaign season is here in South Carolina and that’s usually a time people can get confused. Not just talking about all the campaign materials (positive AND negative) that will be going out in the coming weeks….but also yard signs, big signs, who is on the ballot to serve, and are they my Representative, Councilman, etc? Happens alot around here in Irmo/Chapin/Dutch Fork area. Here’s why…

This isn’t the first year I’ve received calls saying “Who is that guy running against you? I see some signs popping up.”

Our community (Chapin, Dutch Fork, Irmo) consists of basically 2 House Districts: District 71 – colored green on map above (where I have represented since 2005) and District 85 – colored red on map above (where Rep. Jay Kilmartin has represented since 2022).

It’s confusing because, in layman’s terms, District 85 starts in Irmo and come up to Friarsgate where District 71 picks up. Then, District 71 goes up into Chapin until you get to Wessinger Road and Old Lexington Highway.

This is why you may see signs for Jay Kilmartin and Dean Widener along Dutch Fork Road inside House District 71. People in House District 85 drive up and down that road (see map above) so it makes since for them to get their signs in front of people traveling to/from home.

If you have kids in school, you can remember it this way: District 71 is basically anyone in the Dutch Fork High School zone….and basically half of the Chapin High School attendance zone…and a very little amount of Irmo High School zone. District 85 has no Dutch Fork High School zone, but has basically all of Chapin and Irmo High School zone. Confused still?

If you’re wondering what district you are in and/or who your elected officials are, you can go to www.scstatehouse.gov and type in your address in the bottom where it says “Find your Legislators”.

If you want a closer look at both districts, click below:

House District 71 – colored green in map above
House District 85 – colored red in map above

If you’re still confused, don’t worry about it! Whether you can vote for me in House District 71 or not, I’m still here to help anyone out in the Irmo, Chapin, Dutch Fork areas! Just email me at NathanBallentine@schouse.gov or call my office at 803-734-2969

Statewide Republican and Democratic Primaries are set for June 11th. To be sure you are registered to vote and where you will be voting, visit www.scvotes.org and under “Voters”, click on “Check your registration”. Be sure your voice is heard! General Elections will be on November 5, 2024.