Six years ago this Tuesday, Nikki Haley shocked the good-ole-boy establishment of SC politics and upset the longest serving legislator in Columbia. Besting him in the primary and forcing a runoff two weeks later. She went on to win that runoff and thus began her career as a public servant working to change business as usual in Columbia.

History has a chance to repeat itself this month by turning “Nikki Who?” into Republican Nominee for Governor, Nikki Haley.

Her hard work and understanding of the issues were apparent from day one. My House colleagues saw the potential Representative Haley offered our state. We elected her Chairman of our Freshman Caucus. She soon was named a Majority Whip. Later, she was named Banking Subcommittee Chairman. Nikki was also appointed to important House/Senate conference committees to tackle the complex issues of Workers Compensation and also Coastal Insurance Reform.

She was more than qualified for every task and worked effectively towards achieving the best goal for her constituency – the people of South Carolina.

As she has always done, she studies the issues, listens to her constituents and fights for what is right. Always focusing on the task at hand and working towards the betterment of our state, regardless what distractions are thrown her way.

It’s well documented the courage she showed in bucking the system with her push for On-The-Record Voting two years ago. That’s courage we need more of in state government. That’s courage that led to her House colleagues overwhelmingly passing the bill last month. That’s courage to change business-as-usual in Columbia.

She’s been a fighter – who gets results – since day one! That’s why I know she is the people’s choice this Tuesday in the Republican Primary.

I hope you’ll join me and thousands throughout the state on Tuesday and vote Nikki Haley for Governor in the Republican Primary. Join the movement!