Apologies for no posts since the August Community Update . I’m catching up on the news after being away and noticed we had eight members of the Lexington/Richland School District Five community offer their services to the community.

I know most of them and feel each brings his/her own strength to the Board .

As you know, I do not endorse in local community races but I do wish each candidate the best and hope the candidates will focus on the positives they would bring to office and avoid the tone that seems to always be in SC races.

Five Candidates offering for Richland side (2 seats):

Kevin Alberse, Irmo
David Hawkins, Irmo
Kim Murphy, Chapin
Bruce Reeves, Irmo
Ed White, Irmo (incumbent)

Three candidates offering for Lexington side (2 seats):

Ellen Baumgardner, Columbia (incumbent)
Roberta Ferrell, Columbia (incumbent)
Jim Turner, Columbia

The election will be held November 2nd. Be sure you’re registered to vote and are listed in your correct precinct: click here !

I would like to publicly thank Carol Sloop for her years of service to the community! Carol is not offering for re-election and I wish her well as she focuses on herself after giving so many hours and service to the Board and Community!