Say what?

Did I hear that correctly?

Granted “it is Vanderbilt” (footnote: they have won a few against us lately ), but isn’t a Gamecock Guarantee in anything a risky proposition?

You can imagine my surprise when I was driving home today and heard just that: a Gamecock Guarantee this weekend. Turns out Garnet and Black Traditions (recently located to the Harbison area: Bower Parkway) is doing just that. Buy anything with a Gamecock on it this week (October 18 – 23) and should the Gamecocks not bring home a victory Saturday, you get 50% off that purchase. Be sure to check w/them for details but here’s the link again .

Now, for those who believe in the “due theory”…as in “Kentucky was DUE to win” since we had won 10 straight and Spurrier had never lost to them. You also gotta go with the “due theory” for me and Karen’s road trips. It’s been SIX YEARS since Karen and I experienced a road trip victory (Bama 2004)…..we’ve endured 2005 loss at Auburn (blowout), 2006 loss at Florida (blocked kicks, one at end of game), 2007 loss at Tennessee (rally, OT, fumble) , 08 loss at Clemson (cold, rain), and last year’s loss at Alabama (down 7 before in our seats).

I even “circled” this game for our road trip ESPECIALLY because I was worried about Kentucky being “due” (Before the season, at least. After Bamawin , I jinxed us with the “we’ll win big” tweet ). Karen and I have never been to Nashville and, honestly, I figured “if not Vanderbilt, then who?”

So…are we (Karen and I) “due” to have a roadtrip victory?

Garnet and Black Traditions seems to think so…and they’re guaranteeing it with their 50% offer. Personally, I hope no one gets to take them up on it because not only do Karen and I need this win, the entire Gamecock Nation does too!

PS. Head Ball Coach, don’t forget this guy if Alshon’s double teamed this week!