As you may know, each member of the SC House of Representatives is entitled to designate one Page for each session. With my Page Appointment due to the House Clerk by December 1st, I want to extend an open invitation to apply to be my Page for the 2011 session. Application Deadline is THANKSGIVING.

Eligibility is simple:

1) you must bring your computertized school schedule to me to verify your enrollment in an institution of higher learning in the Columbia area

2) should be willing to arrange your class chedule to allow a minimum of SIX morning hours each week and a total work requirement of TWELVE hours per week during normal meeting times (January through end of May)

3) preference given to those students who live/parents live in the community

To apply, all you need to do is contact me here through Nathan’s News and let me know you’re mailing me your college schedule (obviously can be fall schedule, not spring), your resume, and a brief letter of why you’d like to work as a Page in the SC House of Representatives. I’ll review all letters before Thanksgiving and let the winner know by December 1st.

Information should be mailed to: 324 Sienna Drive, Chapin, SC 29036.

If you have any questions, please contact me through Nathan’s News or call my State House Office at 734-2969.

Thanks for your willingness to serve in this capacity!