Emma with my mom, MeMe, and the tooth fairy pillow.

Seems like everyone’s trying to find ways to save a dollar (or make a dollar) as the economy climbs out of the dreaded “R” word. Yesterday, our youngest finally lost her first tooth. She’s 5 (and a half, she’ll tell you).

When I saw “lost”, not only did it come out; but also, it was literally lost in the yard!

My Dad (Big D) and I were watching JC’s baseball practice while Karen was watching Sarah’s second lacrosse game of the day. That left my Mom (MeMe) with Emma outside the house playing. The tooth came out and was lost in the yard (don’t think I didn’t spend several minutes looking for it!)

That led my colleague, Rep. Alan Clemmons, to ask where’s the accountability? I guess Emma was going to be getting something for nothing after all?

As someone who tweets and Facebooks about family ( sometimes more than I do politics), I only thought it fair that she gets to appear on Nathan’s News like her big brother and big sister have before.

Proud of our little “bit-bit” for being so brave and not crying.

*Oops! That link just had big brother, JC, quickly point out “Emma’s been on TWICE…no fair!” (Brothers and Sisters….sigh)