While the folks at AIG are spending bookoo dollars on luxury trips – weeks after a nice tip from Uncle Sam – folks in the “real world” are finding times a little bit tougher than they have been in the past.

With my paying job being with Wachovia Mortgage ….ummm….Citigroup?….ummm….Wells Fargo?……I certainly see the effects this housing market/crisis is having on builders, contractors, subcontractors, electricians, plumbers, realtors, lenders, real estate attorneys, title insurance companies, etc.

As an elected official, I’m witnessing first hand the budget shortfalls of our state and the inevitable emergency-session coming our way in a few weeks.

Well, closer to home, in fact – at home – we’re exploring new ways to help out the budget. We’re thinking Karen may be heading back to work next year (note: PAYING WORK, she certainly works her butt off at home like all the other mothers who sacrifice careers to be with their kids during the early years). But it’s not just the grown-ups pitching in here.

Tonight, our four-year old, J.C. has pitched in and is doing his share! As I type this, he’s anxiously waiting on a “Tooth Fairy Bailout” that (based on the number of times he keeps getting up) can’t come soon enough!