Is the lady pictured above young or old?

This morning on Twitter, I asked a question relating to Sports and Politics. Particularly in reference to an article in The State that mentioned apparent “gridlock” over several sports resolutions….specifically one recognizing my alum’s 2010 National Championship in Baseball .

The majority of responses I received share the opinion that these resolutions should have no place in politics – Washington or Columbia.

As the article mentions, these USUALLY pass unanimously and with no debate. Shortly after it passes it’s a matter of usually one or two members bragging from the podim about “their team” for a few minutes – sometimes taking jabs at members of opposing teams defeated along the way to a championship. Then there’s the presentation of a framed resolution recognizing the prestigous accomplishment along with the obligatory photo-ops and usually a tour around the building/grounds.

Obviously to young student-athletes, this can be a “big deal”.

In the SC House of Representatives, we even have a rule that limits the speeches to 3 minutes. Of course, while the speech my be 3 minutes…the parade of champions to the floor and pictures usually take longer. We generally allow no more than 2 teams a week and usually on Thursday mornings.

So….should Washington, or more closer to home, your state leaders use floor time to recognize championship teams or is your perspective one that says there are more important things to do?

We’ve caught grief in the past for other recognitions : guests in the balconies, family members in attendance, student shadows for the day, doctor of the day, etc.

Those take place throughout the day…many times a day. I’ll admit, being local, I have quite a few school groups and constituents stop by. Is taking a few minutes during session too much or is it acceptable to just let this practice go and realize it’s not really a “big deal”?

Are those recognitions throughout the day any worse or better than recognizing championship teams? Or should we stop with the entire practice from the floor and spend more time on other matters?

Email me, click contact above, or post your comments here. I’d like to know your perspective.