So I was up tonight glued to Twitter following Representative Joey Millwood , Spartanburg Herald Reporter Jason Spencer , and SC Politico Adam Piper .


Apparently, the Spartanburg County Convention was tonight…and as of about 11:00 pm was still going.

What prompted 300 folks to attend the event was a much talked about race for County Chairman between current Chairman Rick Beltram and challenger LaDonna Ryggs. Moments ago, the outcome was overwhelming in LaDonna’s favor and she’ll now join the GOP ranks as Spartanburg’s newest county chairman.

It got me thinking.

Glenn McCall is our National Committeeman.
Karen Floyd appears to be the shoo-in for State Party Chairman.
LaDonna Ryggs is a new chairman of Spartanburg County.
Tim Scott was elected to the SC House last year.

It appears the tent may be getting larger and we’re certainly breaking some glass ceilings.

With a slew of convetions still ahead of us, what are we to expect?

With 2010 Statewide Primaries ahead, who will carry our banner?

Many candidates have already announced, some are still considering, and others are being asked to help build our party again.

Stay tuned….


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