Timing is everything and I’ve been very fortunate with the timing of our current two-week furlough from the State House .

Many folks are not aware that SC Legislators are “part-time” (even though the job is actually “all-the-time”) and that most of us have to juggle work at “real jobs” during the weeks we are in session. Getting a week (or two) away from session definitely helps and… one could argue it also helps our state as well!

During the past two weeks I’ve tried to focus on my paying job and, given the current rate environment (lowest since 1971) , it’s hard to get it all done every day . It’s a good feeling to help folks save hundreds each month and thousands over the life of their mortgages.

With SC unemployment at 11% and with news today that two ladies on my team will be displaced , I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I just wanted to let y’all know why I haven’t been blogging as much (for those that care).

I’ve talked with other mortgage officers in the state and their days are just as crazy as mine. Realtors are actually telling me they’re seeing folks start to look to buy houses. Could we be on our way out of this housing crisis/recession? Still too early to tell.

I’ll get back to regular posting this weekend and I did spend some time last week updating my Campaign Finance Reports .

Look for an updated Nathan’s News video soon about our campaign reports and the bill I prefiled last December to help provide more transparency on campaign finances: H.3066. . Yesterday, I did find time to meet with my Scholarship Committee to discuss this year’s finalists for the 2009 Ballentine Scholarships. I hope to continue to be able to return my legislative salary to worthy causes next year too.

Have a good week, I’ll be back this weekend!