I was pleased today to stand alongside Mayor Pro-Tem Harvey Hoots and Councilman Barry Walker, Sr. as they were recognized for being the first town in the state to post their finances online for all to see.

In addition to this recognition, Columbia’s Mayor Bob Coble also shared how his office will follow Irmo’s lead and join in the on-going efforts for more transparency in our government.

Representing parts of both the Town of Irmo and the City of Columbia , I am very excited to see these local elected leaders embrace this common-sense approach to more accountability and transparency in our state. I have heard that our Lexington/Richland School District Five may also join the movement and open up their finances online too!

Whether it’s how elected officials vote, how and where they raise/spend funds during a campaign, or how officials spend your money – I’m glad to see a movement continues on it’s way to restore the public trust and confidence in public servants.

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