…like a woman scorned.

I deliberately didn’t read or watch any news today about Palin because I wanted to be able to blog tonight with my two cents on the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as McCain’s choice for Vice President.

For starters, I was really hoping McCain would pick my guy, Governor Romney , to provide a National Defense/Economy ticket that I thought would also help our chances in Michigan and out West. But it didn’t happen.

Then I began to think of why that didn’t happen and I came up with three items.

1) Huckles . I’m of the opinion that McCain and Governor Huckabee are friends. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy teaming up against Romney during the primary and, even as recent as last week, Huckles was still throwing out jabs against Romney. IF this opinion is correct, how could McCain give Romney a “leg up” for 2012 or 2016 over his friend Governor Huckabee?

2) Soundbites. Much like the criticism the Democrats are facing, having Romney on the ticket would all but assure his words during the primary season would be used against the ticket. Granted, he never said McCain wasn’t ready to lead (like Biden said of Obama) but still there would be soundbites used.

3) Hillary! When Obama dissed Hillary for his selection, the door was left WIDE OPEN for the Republicans to scoop in and pick up some of her disenfranchised voters. Now I’ve been told (by a female) that women won’t vote for the ticket just because a woman is on it. (I’m not buying it but it wouldn’t be the first time I didn’t understand women.) The selection has to, in part, be because of the fact that the Obama DIDN’T pick a woman. Were an option Governor “Sam” Palin, there is no chance that person would have been chosen.

I don’t fault McCain for his selection. In fact, it was a brilliant political move. He’s been running for president for at least 8 years and being this close, he’s got to finish with the prize. The pick does make me think of a few more things before I call it a night.

1) What’s going through Hillary’s mind now? The glass ceiling may break without her. Yes, she had a hand in putting 18,000,000 cracks in it but now, we are a few months away from the possibility of the first woman ever being elected Vice President. Won’t Governor Palin be “the it girl” in 2012 or 2016 for the top spot?

2) In America, anything is possible. Folks, Just 16 years ago Governor Palin’s day was consumed by parking meters, potholes, and playgrounds in the city of Wasilla, Alaska. As recent as 12 years ago she was the “Mayor Bob” of Wasilla and now she’s about to be the proverbial “heartbeat” away from being the leader of the free-world.

3) It’s gonna be an interesting race from now til November. Governor Palin is said to speak her mind and I’m interested in watching her debates with Senator Joe Biden. Also (stating the obvious here) regardless of what ticket wins in November, history will be made. America will either elect our first black President or our first female Vice President.

So, let’s hear it. Any Democrats out there planning on voting for McCain now? Time will tell.