There’s really only one nerd in this bunch and it’s me; but, tonight my wife decided to join TWITTER .

Somehow she was able to get the name StateHouseWife because it hadn’t been taken yet.

Not sure what I think about her being so exposed on the net, although this may cut down on the phone calls during the day. Instead, I can simply check TWITTER and see what she and the kids are doing.

If you missed the earlier post about what all this is about, click here.

Karen’s life is as busy as mine. With three kids (11, 4, and 3), our church, Junior League and helping me in my role as a State Representative, she’s working nonstop from the time she gets up until the time we get together in the late evenings. I’m sure, in time, you’ll see what it’s like to be married to an elected official. She gives so much to our family and I couldn’t serve our community and state without her!