After a week of furlough for most House members (remember, I was working with budget committee last week crafting next year’s budget proposal), we tackled groundbreaking healthcare reforms and introduced innovative solutions to support our local businesses. My dedication to improving the lives of all our citizens drives every action I take. I’m eager to share this week’s accomplishments with you, highlighting our joint efforts towards building a brighter future for our state.

Some groups out there have really put a spin on the work we’ve done. As usual, if you hear something crazy or want more information about a bill or how I voted – just ask. Some of the stuff I’ve seen the past year or so is truly crazy – even for SC political silly season!

Historic Health Policy Reform to Streamline Services and Enhance Care

This week, the House made significant strides in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our state’s health services with the passage of H.4927, which establishes the Executive Office of Health Policy. This bill is a bold step towards restructuring South Carolina’s fragmented health service delivery system. By consolidating five agencies that previously provided overlapping services, we aim to reduce inefficiency and improve the quality of healthcare for South Carolinians. Spearheaded by House Republicans, this bi-partisan effort ensures a more accountable and streamlined state government. The new Secretary of Health and Policy, who will be appointed by the Governor and serve in his cabinet, will lead this centralized framework, marking a significant advancement in our goal for a unified and responsive health care system. This reform is essential for delivering high-quality care and addressing the evolving needs of our citizens, paving the way for a healthier South Carolina. Lastly, this bill lays the groundwork for other government restructuring efforts, which not only is one of my top priorities in Columbia, but is one of the foundational tenets of the Republican Party Platform.

Advocating for a Balanced Federal Budget

Speaking of budget. In South Carolina, we have to pass a balanced budget – why can’t they do the same in Washington, DC?

In a decisive step towards ensuring fiscal responsibility and long-term economic stability, the House proudly passed H.3676 on Thursday. This pivotal legislation advocates for a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution, addressing the critical need to rein in federal spending and combat the escalating US federal debt, now over $34 trillion and growing. My commitment to fiscal prudence and sustainable government finances is reflected in this effort to mandate balanced federal budgets, safeguarding the economic future of our nation and its citizens.

South Carolina’s Thriving Economic Landscape

In the coming weeks, the House will debate next year’s state budget that reflects South Carolina’s thriving economic landscape and our commitment to fostering a vibrant state. This preview of the $13.19 billion General Fund budget focuses on sustainable growth, fiscal responsibility, and efficient resource allocation. It includes over $1.4 million in tax relief to ease the financial burden on South Carolinians, substantial increases in state aid for teacher salaries to support our educators, continued investment in veterans’ nursing homes, and an additional $200 million towards improving our deteriorating bridges. This budget aims to match our growth with the necessary expansion of state services, ensuring a brighter future for all South Carolinians.

If you have questions about the budget, please give me a call or shoot me an email. Before I was assigned to the Ways and Means Committee (“Budget Committee”) I had many questions and did not understand just how complicated it can be. After the past few years on the committee, I have a better understanding and am happy to share with you if interested.