I’ve enjoyed helping my good friend, Nikki Haley, on the campaign trail. Being this close to a Presidential candidate and campaign is truly something I will never forget. While Nikki did not win our state’s primary, she did win my House District. I’ll let those candidates figure out how best to solve America’s problems and I’ll keep focusing right here on our state and our community.

I want to thank Ben Dunn (my appointment to Richland Election Commission) on how Richland handled the primary. Lexington always does well, and with Ben’s help, Richland has come a long way! Oh – want to let everyone know what we will again have EARLY VOTING location here at Ballentine Park come November for General Elections!

Speaking of fixing our county, I want to thank Ashley Miller (my appointment to Richland Recreation Commission) and Mike Swindell (my appointment to County Transportation Committee). When we get good people in the right spots, we CAN make a difference in the county. It ain’t easy though. I’m the only Republican on the Richland Delegation (with 16 Democrat House Reps and Senators), but I work to get good people from our district serving and helping! You all remember the election mess years ago we had to fix (I was first to call for Director to be fired!).

If you’re willing to serve locally, please let me know. I see more opportunities for us to fix things and need your help to do so!