The June 12th Republican Primary is just a month away!

With your continued help, we will be able to keep fighting for the issues that matter to this community.

I have fought to protect our schools by supporting more school resource officers in this district, I have fought to support more energy related jobs after the VC Summer Nuclear Plant shutdown. I am proud of my work as Co-Chair of the SC Energy Caucus and as a conservative leader on the House Ways and Means Committee.

With session ending yesterday, our campaign is gearing up and you’ll soon see yards signs in every neighborhood and many rural parts of our community! (Don’t worry, I’m cheap. I’ll come back after the June 12th election and pick the sign up for you. I don’t like seeing clutter around town.)

This week I have one favor to ask:

Will you please let me know I can place a sign in your yard? (Please send me your address – in case you’ve moved!) I will personally deliver your sign in the next two weeks and I will be happy to come back after the June 12th Republican primary and pick it up as well.

Whatever you can do to help is always greatly appreciated!

We have two, hard working opponents this time and; trust me, I will never take this House seat for granted. However, with your help, I am confident our conservative common sense agenda will not be defeated!

Thank you once again for all that you do to make this the best community to live in the state!