Photo credit: @ChapinMSoccer

Last night marked the third consecutive championship for the program!


The seconds couldn’t tick away fast enough for Ken Corning.

The Chapin interim boys soccer coach paced up and down the sideline until the final moments ticked off in the Eagles’ 1-0 win over Eastside in the Class 4A championship game at Irmo High School.

A raucous celebration ensued with Chapin players jumping in the stands to commemorate their third state title in a row. The Eagles are the first boys’ soccer team since St. Joseph’s (2012-16) to win at least three consecutive state championships.

“Every time I looked at the clock, it looked like it was going up instead of down,” Corning said. “I was an assistant with the last one and now acting head coach. Watching these boys since they were 7 or 8, playing the game technically and the passion that grew with it. It is unbelievable.”

It is the boys’ soccer program’s fifth title overall. Chapin’s 16 seniors didn’t lose a playoff match their final three seasons.

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