One week ago, we celebrated a tremendous win at the polls!

Winning 84% of the vote doesn’t happen without a total team effort. Tonight, I want to again THANK everyone who helped #TeamBallentine over the past several weeks during the campaign! I know I will leave off many, and I apologize; but I did want to list a few as well as share some memories along the campaign trail.

My parents filmed my brief remarks that evening; but I wanted to write more this week on my website.

Thanks to..

* God for his continued blessing and plan for my life (Jer 29:11)

* Karen and the kids for the time they spent helping on the campaign and the time we missed while I was away during the campaign!

* My parents for their support, prayers, and advice almost every day!

* My in-laws for spreading the word around town!

* The almost 400 members who were first to publicly list their support for the campaign!

* The students of Chapin High Student Government were the first to hit the streets with me knocking on doors!

* The many small business owners willing to publicly support me by having 4×8 signs or yard signs at their property (Pelicans, Breeze Cleaners, Silver Fox Grill, Cassell Brothers, Meetze Plumbing, Stanick Roofing, Durclean, Exit Realty, ERA Wilder Realty)!

* The more than 200 households who publicly supported me by having yard signs in their yards!

* The numerous local donors to the campaign (ranging from $20 to $1,000)!

* Gene for the use of his truck for campaign sign delivery. O’Show for helping put signs up. TNT for sign delivery!

* Trey and Nick for “keeping focused” with me door knocking! #LeaveNoDoubt

* Luke and his team for putting up with my numerous “revisions” to campaign materials (and who, by the way consulted for 8 winning races last week with only 1 loss, and 4 races in runoffs this week)! Thanks also for helping me keep a positive campaign when others would have gone negative!

* Ascot and Forty Love neighborhoods for their candidate drop-ins!

* The residents around town who invited me inside their homes to cool off/talk or to give me water during the hot days walking the neighborhoods!

* The young students (Erica, Andrew, Mary Kate, Emily, Elizabeth, Derek) who helped me reach more voters door-to-door!

* Russell Gaskins, an Iraqi War Veteran, whose wife brought him to meet me on the side of the road one afternoon.

* The men of F3LakeMurray who helped with precinct signs during the early morning hours on election day and Crash with the highway signs!

* Our few precinct volunteers on Election Day: Erica, Andrew, Joe, Jason, Judye, Jim, Paul, Marie and Jack. And to Will Owens and Grace Rentiers for delivering some great vote totals to us!

* Debby Nalbone for praying over me when I ran into her at Oak Pointe on Election Day

* Lila Mozingo for holding my hand and a volunteer for my opponent’s hand, along with her parents, and signing “It’s a Small World” at Spring Hill precinct

* Kim, Christina, Tania, Catherine and Kristen who helped put the Election Night Viewing Party together! (Crash too for our technical assistance)!

* 84% of you that voted on a hot, humid summer-primary day!

* To those I forgot, I apologize. There are so many more special memories along the campaign but I will keep those to myself and my family. Just know, many of you made a difference and impact for us over these past several weeks!

Ballentine Early Supporters
Chapin Student Gov
Business 4 x 8
Emma and JC helping
At door
Volunteers and signs
JC and Michael signs
Emma 4x8
Karens car
Lemonade stand
Side of road
Election Night  parents