After recent issues (and, of course, past issues ), I wanted to be assured every voter in our area would be able to vote in the primary of their choice (Democratic or Republican). Here is correspondence I received from the Director of Richland County Elections & Voter Registration


Rep. Ballentine:

I visited the Northwest section of Richland County, District 71 and our Absentee Satellite Voting precinct on yesterday. The Satellite precinct is located at 1009 Bickley Road. We made this effort for the convenience of voters in that area. I can assure you that this office is ready for the upcoming June 14, 2016 Countywide primary.

I can state emphatically that every precinct has been provided with the requisite number of machines as provided by State law and based on our historical analysis. (An attachment of our machine allocation by precinct is attached)

All of our voting machines (1147) were checked, cleared and tested after the recent Presidential Preference Primaries and the Poll Managers working in the Northwest area are very much aware that there is a Republican Primary.

Rep. Ballentine, as always, if you encounter any concerns on Election Day, I am available to assist you. My cell phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and my office number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Let me also state, that we will have some issues on election day as no election is issue-free, but I again assure that they will be minimum and minute.

Samuel J. Selph, Director
Richland County Elections & Voter Registration