As I’ve done for several years , I’d like to ask your thoughts on Budget Vetoes 2014.

If you’ve never seen a veto message before, that link shows you the message for the 2014-2015 General Appropriations Act.

I ususally sustain several; but not before hearing from you and your rationale for why that particular veto should be overridden or sustained.

The General Assembly will return next Tuesday, June 17th, to vote on these. We actually take a little longer than we used to before I was elected. Partly due to roll call voting; also due to more deliberation from the floor instead of the usual “override them all” mentality that was around for many years.

If you see something you feel strongly about (for or against), please let me know! You can always comment here in the comment section or click “Contact” up top on the website to send me an email.

For those outside the Richland, Lexington area, be sure you let your Representative or Senator know your thoughts!