2014 Walmart

After being asked by many of you, I figured I should post something so the community would know (not that I mind y’all stopping me in the grocery store, at dinner, church, or whenever you see me).

The Palmetto Baptist hospital system is building Medical Offices on the land across from Walmart/School District Office (fka Derrick Azalea Farm). I have not heard from the Town of Irmo when the estimated completion date will be; however, I have learned that apparently there may be a change in the design plans.

You may recall this area was annexed into the Town of Irmo and is no longer a part of “Unincorporated Richland County”. For that reason, the Town of Irmo has jurisdiction and approved the design – that included a entrance/exit on the “back side” of the property to Salem Church Road. Last I heard, those plans have been changed.

What this means for the area is that all traffic would then enter/exit at the current traffic light here for Walmart.

Local zoning matters fall to either Town of Irmo or Richland County; but I will be speaking with both as well as SC DOT to determine how the entrace/exit of these new medical offices will impact our area and what changes should be made (most notably if the approved plan will be acted upon or be allowed to change).

In the mean time, feel free to contact the Town of Irmo with any questions or suggestions.

On another note, Irmo is annexing additional property on Bickley Road in the Ballentine area. This item was given first reading on April 15th (Meeting Minutes click here)

FIRST READING OF ORDINANCE 14-05 TO ANNEX 4 PARCELS IN RICHLAND COUNTY ON THE NORTH SIDE OF BICKLEY ROAD BETWEEN WISE ROAD AND BROAD RIVER ROAD; TMS#02500-BLOCK 07-LOTS 17, 19, 21 AND 22 (STAFF) – Mr. Younginer made a motion to approve first reading of Ordinance 14-05. Mr. Hoots seconded the motion. After some discussion, the vote for first reading approval was 3 to 2. Mrs. Condom and Mr. Walker voted in opposition.

As our community continues to experience growth (we are one of the fasting growing House Districts in South Carolina) be sure to stay in touch with local zoning matters through either the town of Irmo or our Richland County Councilman, Bill Malinowski.