My Education Friends in District Five,

On Teacher Appreciation Day, I wanted to simply say “Thank You” for what each of you do developing our leaders of tomorrow!

As many of you know, my mom was a teacher for more than 30 years. Growing up, I saw first-hand the dedication and hard work teachers have and do for their students. With Sarah, JC and Emma all in District Five, I also see every day how fortunate they are to learn from men and women who care about them and are preparing them for a bright future!

For several years, I returned my legislative salary back to our community – mainly through scholarships to deserving seniors in our area. Those seniors have now graduated from state universities and colleges and are working in our state or serving our country in the military. Each one of them represents our community well in their own special way!

I continue to enjoy visiting with our School Improvement Councils and especially your classrooms around the district! Please call or write anytime I can help or visit you and your students – or, let me know your advice and opinions on educational issues before the South Carolina General Assembly.

While today and this week are dedicated to you; you continue to dedicate each and every day to our children. For that, I and others are grateful and again say “thanks!”

I hope you’ll continue to stay in touch with what’s going on in the State House and our community by visiting my website ( and sharing your thoughts on my regular posts.

Nathan Ballentine
House of Representatives, District 71
Richland and Lexington Counties
320B Blatt Building
Columbia, SC 29221