Thanks to a constituent that sent me this video showing the long lines at Dutch Fork Middle School last Tuesday.

As you know, voting in Richland County was a mess last week and I am still waiting on answers as to how and why this happened.

Thanks to you on Election Day, I was able to work to get four more machines to DFMS; however, this didn’t happen until late in the afternoon after many people had left the line to go back to work or go home.

I was told that afternoon that we have 2,900 voters at this precinct and only 4 voting booths were sent. I quickly asked the Elections Director to send more and personally went out there to be sure that was done.

Still, that does not excuse the fact that this precinct obviously was not properly equipped for this election. Everyone knows election day requires patience and people expect waits of one to two hours; but not four to five.

As I learn more, I will obviously share with you.

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