Probably should have posted this two months ago!

As you can tell, I didn’t get many posts up during session. Between the work at the State House and my paying job the past few months – and with the fact that I write all my own posts – I just never found (or made) enough time to do frequent updates to the site.

It’s much easier to just do an update on Facebook and Twitter but that doesn’t cover it quite like posts here might.

We’re now done with this two-year session (until most likely a day or two in September for budget vetoes); but I’ll be back here to recap the session, talk about bills I plan to introduce (re-introduce) for next session and keep you updated with events/activites around Chapin, Dutch Fork and Irmo.

Gimme another week or two and I’ll make the time for more updates.

Thanks for your patience and as always – contact me here through the website when you need me or have advice on legislation to improve our state! Also if you want me to share any community events or to recognize your neighbors’ accomplishments !