Who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your…ok…I’ll stop. (I think I finally get why Karen made me give my sweater vests away)

I took a few minutes this afternoon and went back through the past few years on Nathan’s News and found a few of the people I’ve shared with the community right here on my web site. I’m sure I missed a few; but here’s a recap of some of the many extraordinary people we have living her in House District 71!

Feel free to send me info/photo of someone you’d like to share and I’ll work to put it on the site as soon as possible.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hefner

Clay and Heather Barnhart

Cynthia Hardy

Our candidates for Richland County Council

Statewide candidates from our community

Past Ballentine Scholarships Winners

Lauren Koon

Warren Bolton

Nancy Ogburn

Darren Norris

Chip Fallaw

Spirit of Lake Murray

2009 Ballentine Scholarship Winners

Stephen Davis

Reggie Gallant

Janie Davis

Patrick Cobb

Lighthouse Marina

Kelly Payne

Union United Living Christmas Story

Our Richland County Recreation Commissioner

Young Life – Lake Murray

Dr. Deanne Guerkink

Trey Walker

Brittany Pjetraj

Candidates for District Five School Board

Interim Superintendent Dr. Herbert Berg

Ashley Dye

Bill McAfee

Sam Bryant

2008 Ballentine Scholarships Winners

Lib Ward

Judge Allison Lee

Mark Sitterly

Antonio Boyd

John Howard

Leon Lott, Mark Keel, Robert Stewart

Parkridge Hospital

Colonel Pete Sercer

Corporal David Weimortz (in memorium)

Israel Brooks, Jr. (in memorium)