Many recall my support four years ago for a relatively unknown (in our state) Governor and businessman to represent my party in the November 2008 Presidential election. The dominant topics during that campaign cycle were the war on terror and our national defense. When it became clear that another candidate with more expertise in those areas would be the Republican nominee, Governor Romney graciously suspended his campaign in order for Senator John McCain to work towards his impending general election opponent.

Earlier this year though, Governor Romney came to my home in Chapin and shared he was strongly considering another run. Karen and I immediately offered our support! Representative Huggins and I took him that day to meet with local business owners and neighbors who have been struggling in these economic times our country now faces.

While I thought Governor Romney was best in 2008, he certainly is best now when our country needs someone (from outside Washington) to help turnaround this struggling economy! A turnaround much like he did when he turned deficits into surpluses as Governor of Massachussets, when he saved an Olympics mired in controversy, and as he did working in the free-market to ultimately expand business and grow companies and create jobs.

I hope you’ll join me as he visits our community again tomorrow evening at 7:15 pm at Seven Oaks Park for a grassroots rally. Get there early and please let us know you’re coming by calling the office at 803-575-0698.