The SC General Assembly returns Tuesday, January 10th, and will convene at noon to begin the second year of the 119th session. All pending legislation must become law before we adjourn the session or the bills die and the process starts over in 2013.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s currently on the House calendar when we return Tuesday. Since it’s our first day back, I’m not sure how much of the calendar we’ll debate that day. You can stay informed throughout the year by clicking here on the official State House website to see current and past House calendars.

In the House, we’ll welcome two new Representatives: Joshua Putnam (R – Anderson, who replaces the seat vacated by former Ways and Means Chairman, Dan Cooper) and Edward Southard (R – Berkeley, who replaces the vacancy left by the passing of David Umphlett).

Most likely you should expect to see more work at the committee level in the first days/weeks of session than on the actual House floor.

I’m hopeful we’ll continue to reform state government’s structure, seek better efficiencies in our agencies and services, and address not only the short-term issues South Carolina faces but also the long-term liabilities that must be addressed for generations to come.

State revenues have increased and the job of prioritizing where the additional revenue is allocated becomes critical. As always, expect lengthy debate in committees the next several weeks before the House Budget comes to the floor for full debate in mid/late March.

There are several important issues facing our state and, as always, I ask that you share your thoughts or suggestions with me by contacting me here at NathansNews.