My entire legislative career (6 years), I’ve been fortunate to work with Mrs. Eileen Fogle. During those years she’s always been by my side as well as my 3 suitemates in 320 Blatt Building. Most recently she’s helped Rep. Hearn, Rep. Hardwick and Governor-elect Haley.

Today I learned she is joining the Haley Adminsitration and I’m happy to see her begin full-time work for our new Governor starting next week! This means I’m now looking for a high-energy, personable, organized, detailed individual who can fill a huge void for me, Rep. Hearn and two new freshman legislators, Rep. Atwater and Rep Ryan.

If you are interested, email me QUICKLY so that you may hopefully be chosen to interview and possibly be selected to work with each of us, in our suite, generally 3 days a week from “today” until June. Hours are typically 9am-5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Hourly wage is $17.

The responsibilities are many and range from answering the busy phones and assisting us with constituent service to working directly with many officials throughout state government and managing our busy schedules.

Email me at and I will respond this week. We’d like to fill the vacancy within the next two weeks!