At my swearing-in ceremony six years ago, I remember one seasoned-politician telling me “get ready for pothole duty, son”. I didn’t think he was serious but soon found out that ROADS are high on the list of what most people would like to see “fixed”. Think about it. Everyone rides on roads to get somewhere and so, of course, experiencing/seeing that day-in and day-out they tend to pick up the phone, email their suggestions or concerns much more often than something like restructuring-state agencies or whether SC should have a two-fish catch limit on one species instead of a three-catch limit.

I quickly found a few posts (links below) about roads here on the website and can’t name the numerous other times I’ve worked with constituents, the DOT, Richland and Lexington counties, developers, churches and businesses to get things “fixed”.

Now, the SC Department of Transportation has made it much easier for you to contact them directly!

Let me prepare you, like most things in state government this year, the financial resources simply aren’t there to fix everything that everyone wants. Even seeing multiple accidents at intersections or lengthy delays, the resources (financial and otherwise) can’t get the ‘fix’ everyone needs/wants can even get done.

That being said, when you’re out and about and see something you think should be addressed, here’s where you can go straight to the agency yourself: SCDOT WORK REQUEST

A few posts about roads in the area:

List of some improvements a few years back

Hollingshed/Kennerly Road

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Kennerly Road/Coogler Road

Community wide roads

DOT Screening Committee