Nathan’s News readers may recall a few years ago when prominent elected officials and politicos first started coming to our community to visit with students in Ms. Kelly Payne’s Dutch Fork High School classes . I was pleased to be one of the first to visit with the “It Kids” and have since offered my assistance to help bring other individuals to the classroom to provide a excellent opportunity for our students to discuss important issues face-to-face with local and state leaders.

These students have been to the State House and have enjoyed experiences many never get to have!

When I was in school, I don’t think we even had ONE local (much less statewide) official come to visit, much less the likes of a sitting-Governor (Sanford) , a future Governor (Haley), a Speaker of the House, an Attorney General , a Director of a Political Think-Tank , Rep. Chip Huggins and many more.

It’s not partisan either, as my friend Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin has visited along with the most powerful lady in the SC House of Representatives, Representative James Smith, Supertintendent Jim Rex, and others from ‘across the aisle’.

Ms. Payne has also brought in several other figures as well and today scored a big visit from our own Keven Cohen!

I’ve known Keven for several years and more recently have tried to assist in his remarkable efforts with the SC Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ! Every spring he is lifted several feet in the air while he hosts his Annual Radiothon fundraiser. Last year alone he helped raise over $130,000 and we’re hoping this year is even more successful!

Being more than one hundred feet off the ground and on air is certainly nerve-racking; but it pales in comparision to being in The Den of Payne with our bright students firing away with their questions! Below are a few Keven answered today during his visit.

Thanks for taking your time Keven to share your experience with these future leaders – and THANKS for what you do for our state and the SC Leukemia Lymphoma Society!


What did it take and how long did it take you to become the number 1 drive-time radio show in Columbia?

Based on your own experience what does it take to be an effective talk radio host?

What are your views on the proposed fairness doctrine?

Why do you think Sarah Palin is getting such a rough ride with the mainstream media?

Do you think provocative program hosts like Rush Limbaugh or Neal Boortz are genuine in the positions they take or is it showmanship?

You’re very balanced and respectful in the way you respond to people, even people with opposing views. What place do hosts like Michael Savage have in talk radio?

While you’re balanced you come across to the right-of-center, and your show is enormously popular. Why have left-of-center talk shows not taken hold like yours has?

If you listened to the President’s State of the Union Address this week, were there times you wanted to holler out “You Lie!”

How can two Republican senators like Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint be so different but yet so appreciated in our state?

What role did the Tea Party movement have last November at the polls? What continuing role do you see them having?

Two years ago you helped us promote Representative Ballentine and Governor Haley’s bill for recorded voting by giving students from Dutch Fork the opportunity to debate House Speaker Harrell on your show. Since you helped carry the day for that reform initiative, what other current reform initiatives are you interested in or supporting?

Sometimes public education is accused of taking a “head in the sand” approach when it comes to dealing with our challenges. As informed as you are, what suggestions do you have for improving public education in South Carolina?

As a popular radio show host known by everyone, how do you deal with your need of privacy for you and your family?

How do you determine topics or guests for your show? What role do your advertisers have in your selections?

Most of us think it’s time for politicians to lay down their guns and swords and quit tearing others down simply because they held an opposing viewpoint. Why has our political discourse become so course?

Who’s the most fascinating guest you’ve had on your show this past year? Who’s been the biggest bomb?

You’re a strong supporter of the military. How long do you think it will be before we finish the task in Afghanistan? How wise is it for the president to have announced a withdrawal timetable in Iraq?

How would you describe the racial progress we’re making South Carolina?

Assuming you were Governor, what would be your number one priority during your first 100 days?

What pitfalls would you advise Nikki Haley to avoid as Governor?