Potential gubernatorial front-runner, Henry McMaster (currently state Attorney General), will be visiting Lexington/Richland School District Five tomorrow.

The visit will once again place another SC elected official right in the middle of Mrs. Kelly Payne’s civics classes (also commonly referred to as a “must visit” for state politicians and politicos).

Earlier this year Representative Nikki Haley and I stopped by Mrs. Payne’s class and soon after that, SC Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell paid a visit. Just this week, she’s even had Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom speak with the students.

While the recent visits have been more “high-profile” than the past, she has had several other officials and consultants visit before and share first-hand accounts and information about South Carolina politics.

Do not be surprised if sometime soon State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex , Lt. Governor Andre Bauer , and quite possibly Governor Mark Sanford pay a visit as well.

I’ve worked and spoken with several of these students for the past few years at various events and parades and can tell you that when you visit with them, you better bring your “A game”.

Enjoy the visit students and send me pictures to post tomorrow night!

(UPDATE: To see photos from the visit, click here )