I was catching up on news around our state today and noticed US Senator Jim DeMint’s blog and his post about filing a term-limit bill for Congress.

Good job, Senator. I agree.

Nathan’s News readers may recall December of last year when I considered filing a companion bill to SC Senator Ray Cleary’s bill. Based on the feedback I received, and similar beliefs shared that Senator DeMint wrote about today, I filed that bill last January.

DeMint proposes 6 years in US House and 12 years in US Senate.
My proposal is 12 year SC House and 16 years in SC Senate.

Amazingly, my bill has been ignored even though my proposal excludes “time served” prior to January 2009 (did that in HOPES current members would support because their time doesn’t even count yet).

I plan to ask for a hearing when we return in January. Maybe Senator Demint can testify here in his home state?

The argument against term limits of “losing institutional knowledge” or “losing good people” is outweighed, in my opinion, by the belief that there are plenty of talented people in our state willing and capable to serve in office and also the fact that absolute power can corrupt.