Photo: Artwork, Jim Booth

Is it the dawn of a new era for South Carolina politics?

For the past two days, our state has seen members of the House and Senate vote unanimously for two very important pieces of legislation for our citizens.

Yes, you read that correctly – unanimously.

Republicans and Democrats alike. Representatives and Senators, too. Governor Mark Sanford even gave words of praise for all parties .

It’s days like these that give me, and others, hope that working TOGETHER we can accomplish much more for our people and state than working against each other.

Just like when I walk the grounds of our State House to the chamber , words cannot really express what I feel may be happening in our state. Leaders working in unison to do the heavy-lifting we’ve been asked to do for our people.

Let’s see how these final chapters unfold in the last session of 118th General Assembly. I’d love to see how far we’ve come by June.

While I breathe, I hope.

UPDATED (10:40pm) > here’s a similar view from my friend across the aisle, Representative Anton Gunn