When I wrote last December about what to expect this legislative session, I couldn’t have been more on target. I’m speaking to my Rotary Club (Lake Murray-Irmo) tomorrow and all I can think about is “the battles” this year instead of “the results”.

Executive v. Legislative, House v. Senate, Republicans v. Republicans, Republicans v. Democrats.

Today, I had enough so I sent a reply email to Republican Leadership in hopes we can start to finally act like statesman and not kids.

Here’s my email in full.


When will it stop?

I know our state is getting sick of the constant back/forth between Gov and
us….(and I know both bear blame) but we really need to put a stop to it all.

For what it’s worth, I agree with the overrides (payday and Buy SC) in the
release below but do we need to continue separating us and Gov?

Just a simple, here’s my thoughts on vetoes (without referencing governor, etc)
is enough to help members share “their” opinions with constituents.

Granted this release isn’t “that bad” as some we’ve had this year; but still it
gives appearance of legislative v executive.

I also read some “jobs” release that is obviosusly not gonna help the tension

If I can help mediate between the two bodies (legislative/executive) please let
me know.

We need to work together – somehow – and check egos at the door and finish this
session with some real accomplishments for our citizens.

Y’all know how to reach me if you want to.