Like most in our state, I was shocked (and disappointed) when listening to the news conference Wednesday afternoon from the State House. I had planned an enjoyable afternoon of golf (first time in months) with a friend. Needless to say, we weren’t that focused on golf but instead on what was ahead for South Carolina.

Sure, we both felt (and continue to feel) for the individuals and families involved, but that is really neither our business nor concern as much as what all this could mean to the rest of the 4 million residents in the Palmetto State.

After all (and sadly), it’s not like this has never happened before in politics.

In recent years we’ve seen that most of America, after the sensationalism has died down from episodes like this, really care more about their wallets and their own lives instead of the actions of politicians, celebrities, and sports personalities.

Just as it was with Brad and Jennifer and “Jon and Kate plus 8” , these stories gain all the attention for awhile but will eventually fade as people begin to go about their daily lives. Mortgage and rent payments, gas prices, doctor visits, car repairs, grocery bills, church, vacations, homework, ball practice.

The question most are starting to ask is what does this all mean to them?

As I shared with our Governor, Jeremiah 29:11 states God’s plan for us is to prosper and not to harm. While we oftentimes can’t see it, it will eventually come to fruition. The Governor has apologized to several folks, most importantly his family. He seems to understand that changes must come and it’s my opinion that the upside to this episode for our state is that our people may ultimately benefit from the political winds of change.

Nathan’s News readers know my feelings about wanting our state leaders to work together . Could this be the time? Could our citizens see the changes they have long wanted ? Better education, more jobs, improved healthcare?

I don’t expect (or wish) the Governor to change his conservative view on these issues or change his goals for our state, but I do expect that from this, we may see less division and more cooperation from both the Executive and Legislative branches.

If not now, when?

(I will be on vacation for the next several days and apologize for my lack of posts as I try to enjoy time away from politics and my paying job at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage)