Last night I was watching Hannity’s Waste 101 which singled out a measley 101 earmarks (out of who knows how many) from this year’s federal stimulus bill.

Because I know everything reported on Fox gets brushed aside by folks on “the left”, I didn’t really think much about it or even posting anything; even though it was disheartening to hear just a few of the items found tucked in the bill that was rushed through Congress .

Before folks from across the aisle post it, I’ll save them time. Republicans in Congress haven’t done their part either. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

When a member of our community forwarded me a similar link today (which was reported by ABC over a month ago), I figured others might be interested. The clip speaks for itself folks. I’m not pointing fingers here just at Congressman Murtha. What I’m getting at is how much of your tax dollars is getting spent by earmarks getting tucked into bills that you may never even know.

Surely, no one watching this clip would think this particular airport is worthy of our federal tax dollars? Did every member of Congress know about it? Probably not. Would it have mattered? Probably not.