June 8, 1993, I started my first (and only) job since college: Wachovia . Almost sixteen years later, the name on my business card will finally change. This week (March 23), I’ll be in Greenville for merger-related training all-day, every day as my mortgage team will learn the new Wells Fargo system.

This week also costs me “perfect attendance” at the State House; but I hope you’ll forgive me for these three days. (You know me, I’ll be checking in on SCTWEETS.COM as well as speaking with my colleagues on breaks. Might even do a blog post or two at night from the hotel in Greenville).

Interesting to note some important “June 8s” in my life: 1993 – Started Wachovia; 2004 – won my first primary election; 2005 – Emma was born.

NOTE: I was reminded I actually started with South Carolina National in June 1993 and then few months later, the sign on the top of the building was actually changed to Wachovia. I am a packrat so, yes, I actually do have my first business card which, for a few months, had South Carolina National on it.