Last week was pretty much a blur…between learning the new systems at my paying job while also being sick (and my family being sick), I’m not really sure what I missed in Columbia.

I’ll find out in the morning (and I hear we’re in for a busy week on the floor this week) but from what I can tell, my colleagues told me last week was a whole lotta:

House/Senate Leadership v. Sanford (again)
Sanford v. Obama
Educators v. School Choice (again)
Republicans v. Democrats (again)

Wow. The only “change” there from my previous four years is Obama being in the mix.

Let’s see if we try to get a little less finger-pointing and more “statesmanship” (if that’s such a word in SC) going on this week. After all, we’ll have a two-week furlough after Thursday and word is we’re shutting down early May due to more budget cuts.

Oh, apparently my Campaign Finance Bill was heard (and adjourned) in subcommittee without so much as me (or the State Ethics Commission) getting advance notice….interesting.