I have never served in uniform but my Grandfather (WWII) and my Dad (Vietnam) have. They join thousands of others who have served our country well and who deserve a “Thank You” today from our country.

I regret not asking my grandfather about his service before he passed away but he did leave behind a diary that he kept during those times. I also don’t ask my dad much about his time on the River Boats, but lately, as we both get older, he has shared some stories.

We often take time each Memorial Day to remember those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice; but today, let’s remember those who men (and women) who answered the call as young boys but came back men. Many whose lives changed forever.

While we simply watch the movies “Midway”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Platoon” and “Saving Private Ryan”, there are those among us who lived those events and who should always be held in high esteem.

Thanks, Dad. Thanks veterans. We owe you more than we can ever give.