When I was named a “Taxpayer Hero” by Governor Sanford early in my career, my wife poked fun by asking if I got to wear a cape to work now. Sigh…if only….

Anyway….turns out the Secret Service has now provided the Obama family with their aliases (as is customary for the First Families and others under the watchful eye):

President-Elect Obama: Renegade
First Lady to be Michelle: Renaissance
Sasha and Malia: Rosebud and Radiance

Vice President Elect Biden: Celtic
His wife, Jill: Capri

If you’re wondering about aliases from days gone by (or soon gone by): President Bush (Tumbler) First Lady Laura Bush (Tempo), Barbara (Turquoise) and Jenna (Twinkle).

Bill Clinton (Eagle), Hillary (Evergreen), Al Gore (Sundance)
George H.W. Bush (Timberwolf)
Ronald Reagan (Rawhide)