Ok…..it’s been almost a week (since I blogged) and I couldn’t hold out anymore!

I’m on vacation but I went to the computer desk at the Business Center and was catching up on some reading and discovered we have a very full slate of candidates for the November School Board Elections.

This information was taken from The State’s website so if you see any errors or ommissions, please let me know.

I’m considering giving each candidate an opportunity to speak to NathansNews and have their information, photo, news, etc. posted here on the site for the community to see.

Richland County portion of district: One Seat

Robert Gantt (Incumbent) – Irmo
Earl Lee Brown II – Irmo
Bruce Reeves – Irmo
Win Hughey – Little Mountain
L.E. Outlaw – Chapin

Lexington County portion of district: Two seats

Beth Burn – Columbia
Mel Amundson – Columbia
Ed Smith – Chapin
Jan Hammond – Columbia
George Burbach – Chapin
Jeff Knowles – Chapin
Kevin Kibler – Chapin