Just like any other groups, clubs, associations, or circle of friends – being an elected official has its drawbacks when perception (right or wrong) can tend to paint everyone with the same brush.

To that extent, several recent stories throughout the state (this month alone) have not put elected officials in the best light.

Everyone – especially elected officials – needs to be cautious to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

I hope stories like these become a thing of the past. I can hope, can’t I?

” (Elected official) earmarks could benefit family and friends”

“Critics rip (elected official) for lobbying”

“Schools act as money funnels”

These stories seem to relate to the roles of elected officials and possible conflicts of interests. I’m not even touching on things that appear during campaign races. We all know those are never any good (and more often than not half-truths or spun by opponents)

To be fair, these stories might also not tell the whole story but they were main stream media and did not appear to be related to any campaigns.