Here’s an email I wanted to share from Andy Hastings, Director – Friarsgate Park

Friarsgate Park Patrons:

I had the chance to attend a very informative meeting this past week for all the advisory councils across Richland County that provide input at RCRC managed facilities. Unfortunately, while I was at the above mentioned meeting, we had a gang related incident at the park which raised some safety concerns.

At Friarsgate Park, we have not had an active advisory committee for over 5 years. This is a need that needs to be addressed at our facility for two main reasons. First, an active advisory council leads to more community involvement and a safer park. Second, an advisory council could provide input to the park staff as far as what programs the community would like to see offered at the park.

Our next community advisory meeting at Friarsgate Park is scheduled for 5/19/08 at 6:30. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to serve on our advisory council. If you plan to attend this meeting or are interested in helping organize the advisory council for FGP, please call the park at 732-3220 or respond to this email so we may plan accordingly. Feel free to forward this email to any park patrons that may be interested in volunteering their time. Thanks

Andy Hastings
Friarsgate Park