Didn’t we settle the Presidential Nomination debate months ago here in lil o’ South Carolina?

As much grief as we get about our rankings compared to the rest of the country (in everything, I might add), we at least got this “right” months ago.

Looks like a doozy of a battle is in store for the White House.

While I certainly don’t agree with Senator Obama (on pretty much anything), I will give him and his campaign credit for turning out voters. Many who have never voted before. And although I’ve never been a McCain guy (Bush 2000, Romney 2008), I certainly know who I’ll be supporting come November.

Who will win? No clue. How “The Obama Factor” will play out in other races (national, local) is also the million dollar question. We’ve got primaries in less than a month here in SC and the general in November.

Turnout will be key – as it usually is in any election.

Let me ask…..if you didn’t originally vote for McCain and Obama, will you support your party nominee in November?