The nation turns it’s eyes to the Palmetto State for the next 11 days as the Republicans vote this Saturday (Jan 19) for their nominee and a week later the Democrats choose their candidate (Jan 26).

Just last week, Myrtle Beach put on a show with the GOP debate and very soon they’re center stage again for the Democrats.

Regardless who you support, I encourage you to get out and have your voice heard.

Think about it. If thousands of voters in Michigan (mainly Democrats) can wait in line and vote “uncommitted”, can’t we Sandlappers get out and vote for our guy (or gal)?

On the Republican side, most folks believe South Carolina is McCain‘s to lose but Huckabee should resonate well with evangelicals in our state. He’s backed by the Beasley name and the Campbell name. Those carry weight around here. Maybe Romney will see a bump from his win in Michigan? If you had to pick a darkhorse, many are saying former Senator Fred Thompson may surprise some folks. I actually thought he had one of his better performances at the Myrtle Beach debate last week but will that be enough to keep him alive in this very fluid race?

On the Democrat side, can John Edwards win here again? Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama appear to be leading but I think everything we’ve seen so far in Campaign 2008 leads us to believe there are always surprises around the corner.

One thing’s for sure (and it didn’t take a crystal ball to see this) “politics as usual” is at play. Anonymous attacks. Sign-stealing. Distortions on the airwaves. Sadly, as I have learned, politics isn’t like Sunday School.