Continuing my desire to stay in touch and learn from the voters I represent, I’ll be holding my first Constituent Service Night of 2008 at 6pm on Monday, January 28th at Gatsbees in Irmo.

I hope you’ll stop by and share any ideas or ask any questions that are on your mind!

If you’ve never been to one of my Constiuent Service Nights, I encourage you to stop by. The setting is very casual. The forum is pretty much “Ask Anything” and if I don’t have the answers, I’ll get them for you. Generally we’ll share ideas and hear questions for about an hour. Stay as long as you’d like or email me questions ahead of time and I’ll share that night.

Past Constituent Service Nights have covered a range of topics from education, highways, property taxes, and even some local issues in our community where people feel I can assist our local officials.

Bring the kids, Gatsbee’s is a great place for the entire family!