I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God created us with one mouth and two ears. Of course, it’s not always easy for each of us – especially elected officials – to remember this reason.

The photo above is from this past Saturday when I helped Jerry Fowler (and the Results Team) on his radio show, Real Estate Focus. (Jerry also is an elected official and serves as a Board Member of Lexington/Richland School District Five). In my role as a State Representative, I’m often asked to be a guest on radio or TV and, if my schedule allows, I always oblige.

The best part of these visits is the chance to hear from the public about their concerns, opinions, and advice. Sure, as a leader I have a vision and idea for what I think would best help our state; however, I also understand that there are great ideas out there and that if we’re not listening to them or looking for them, they may go overlooked and our state may miss an opportunity for improvement.

I often tell folks that “just because I was elected to serve as your State Representative, doesn’t mean I was given all the answers”. (Now, some folks I work with may not admit to this. They seem to have ALL the answers!)

My “expertise” is in banking, finance, insurance, mortgage – business fields. While this background certanily helps me in my role as a public servant, there are hundreds of other bills where I need the expertise of others – specifically the people of our state – in order to do my job very well.

If every public official (or employee, spouse or parent for that matter) would remember this simple anatomy lesson; our world would be a better place.

Listen more. Speak less. Learn something new.