Every two years I see many of you here on the lake at my regular Community Cookout and now wanted to give you a chance to come downtown and meet other House colleagues from around the State and support me as I work to help “Keep the Majority” in the upcoming elections!

When we’re out here during the summer, you get to speak with the Governor, Lt. Governor, Congressmen, US Senators, our Sheriffs, School District Superintendent, Mayors, and Council members. This month, you can speak with me and other House members from around the State.

I hope you can make it! If you can’t, you can still support my re-election by clicking here.

If you can make it, first contact Desiree Watson (her information appears on the invite above),and then let me know you will be there so I can be on the lookout for you!

It’s an honor and privilege to serve you in Columbia! Thanks for your continued prayers and support!